3. "R.I.P. Avonte" Coney Island, Brooklyn. 10.14.13  Photo@JesseWinter

    This was the sad year Avonte Oquendo went missing from a school in my neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens. His face became recognizable all over New York City as the search went on for many months until his remains were discovered.  It is completely impossible to imagine the level of grief a family experiences when the call they are praying for never comes. Avonte was incredibly loved and will always be a part of our collective consciousness as a community.

  4. "Coney Island Military" 10.14.13  Photo@JesseWinter

    Part commerce, part carnival, and part community… always a classic.

    I went to the beach with my mother on the 2nd anniversary of my brother Adam’s passing.

  5. "The Answer"  Vernon/Jackson LIC  Photo@JesseWinter

    A payphone has been emptied but still waits removal.

  6. "The Witness 1&2"  03.22.14   14thst & 8th ave. Photo©JesseWinter

    Sometimes I personify payphones and wonder what they would say themselves if they could speak. Maybe someday we’ll see this animation or maybe I’ll make it.. as if they are watching us and waiting for someone to touch them…the quiet observer who stays in one place listening to us talk. It could be amusing.

  7. "No Smoking for You." 03.14.14  6ave @ 23rd st. Photo: JesseWinter

    I grabbed this while in the middle of shooting some video around the neighborhood for a commission we were racing the clock.  This reminds of the how easy it is to feel alone and abandoned in a city that is constantly changing around you where nothing is sacred except our individual experiences if we can take the time to just be still for a moment and aware.

  8. "Wheelie Phone Time" 03.15.14  Photo: Cesar

    Was walking down the avenue and saw this man having a full on conversation on the phone and was adding more coins which meant he had lots to say. He had figured out a way to set his bike at just the right angle to use it as a seat to have a comfortable conversation….
    147th and Amsterdam Ave. Harlem NYC.

  9. "Payphone: a shadow on the sidwalk" 03.09.14 Vernon Blvd Photo©JesseWinter_Iphone5 

  10. "LovePsychic"  02.15.13 Uptown_NYC ©JesseWinter_Iphone

    Daylight savings happens tonight…

  11. "Crossing Gravity" 02.19.14 42nd&Lexington ©JesseWinter_Leica

    What is this business man doing on a pay phone? Why are these teenagers taking pictures with their cell phones…where is this woman going?

  12. "The Passage" 2012 GrandCentral Photo©JesseWinter

    Spontaneous accidents are the essence of good pictures.

  13. "New World Order"  02.21.14  9th ave.  Photo©JesseWinter_Leica

    The irony, the irony..

  14. "BNE" January 2012 18th st between Broadway&Park Ave. Photo©JesseWinter

    Quoted from Wikipedia ” the majority of BNE’s work is vandalism according to the law, and considered so by the police and general public… BNE is likely a reference to the crime of Breaking and Entering, commonly known as “B. ‘n. E “. In 2011, BNE founded the BNE Water Foundation.. “

    Pay phones are a very popular device/structure to “create” / write upon, tag and or otherwise destroy. I wonder if BNE made a conscious decision not to put the sticker on the pay phone here.  What one person calls ‘vandalism’ another person calls ‘art’… eitherway art needs to be seen to be acknowledged. But alot of street art and graffiti seems to be in conflict by the nature of what it is in expression Versus what it needs to exist..i.e. a wall that the “artist” probably does NOT own outright. The human impulse to leave a mark and spread it as far as possible is universal fueled by a sense of pride, ego, or empowerment. To be heard and seen and to communicate / connect with an audience of anonymous observes. In social media this translates to ‘likes’ and ‘views’.. it’s all the same exercise but in different forms.

    **After writing this post I was walking down 11th street in Long Island City Queens and found this crossed out BNE sticker.  Cool coincidence..

  15. "ParkAve Procedure" _02.02.12  Photo©JesseWinter_Leica 

    This nicely conditioned and well maintained payphone lives a few blocks north of Union Square. This specific enclosure design was drawn onto a diner napkin in the mid 90’s during a meeting between a Telebeam representative and an architect. These specific phones were installed between 1995-1997.  Because of the size, weight, and enforced metallic style of this specific design the legs are the most vulnerable limb and with constant exposure to corrosive natural elements require consistent repair.